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We are thrilled so many happy clients have turned to O'Hearon's Amazing Puppies to find their perfect animals. Take a look below to see what they have to say about using our services. If you have an experience to share, please let us know. We love receiving feedback.

Zikko and Zoey ( formerly London)
Baby Sobrino "Brino"

Angela Bertelson-Tovar

I have loved all the puppies I have bought from this breeder. I knew once I had lost my first Yorkie "I had also bought from Tiffany" when I was ready for another. I had hoped she was still breeding her gorgeous babies. I was so happy to find her on the internet, she knew exactly who Bellas parents were, she takes such pride in her puppies. I purchased my first boy and another beautiful tiny baby girl. yep I came home with two. now I have just come home with another little guy. 
most gorgeous Yorkies around, they are a show stopper everywhere I take them. and I don't know how she does it, but she breeds small dogs that don't yipe and yipe when guests come over. very well behaved, loving, and the cutest teddy bear faces I've ever seen. Tiffany has always been there to answer any questions or concerns I've ever had and I've contacted her a lot. lol
Thank you, Tiffany.

Nema and Millie
Nema as a baby

Chelsey Ehlers

I have gotten both my girl yorkies from tiffany and I absolutely just love them. Tiffany has always been so wonderful to work with and I thank her every day because without her I would not have the family I have today so
in a way big way she has helped build my family because of these dogs. I got my first yorkie millie 7 years ago and 5 years ago I met my now husband through her only to add another baby and puppy to the family last year. So huge thanks to her. I could not imagine my life without these sweet girls. I absolutely reccomend O'Hearon's Amazing Poodles, Doodles and Babydoll yorkie Puppys!!!

Dasha is finally home
Dasha at about a year
Sleepy Girl
Pretty girl
Loving life
The day they brought her home

Barbara Farthing

“We had the best experience getting our sweet Luna. Tiffany was great about  keeping in touch and keeping us updated on the plan, timeline and ultimately the pregnancy and arrival  We were able to visit her home on several occasions to look at the puppies and choose the puppy that was the best fit for our family. Luna is healthy, happy, playful and the cutest little thing we’ve ever seen! As first time dog owners, we had many questions and concerns. Tiffany has been so kind and accommodating to take our calls and texts as the first few weeks we had new owner jitters. We have already told many people of the fabulous experience we have had and would recommend to anyone to purchase your puppy with confidence!”

Love, The Cowans

Diane and Loki
Formerly Grayson
Babydoll face Loki ( Formerly Grayson)

Diane Hebert

His name is now Loki and he doesn’t want anyone to touch his momma thank you for letting me love him in less than 24 hours he’s given so much joy and love

Thank you again for my amazing Loki he refuses to leave my side. I can’t thank you enough. Below is a little poem.
Thanks so much 
Diane Hebert

If you’re looking for a life long friend 
One to be with you through thick and thin
O’Hearon’s Amazing Puppies is the place you should go
I found my forever friend there so I should know
They have big dogs & small ones you can take your pick
Too cute for words better go get yours quick 
I got a tiny Yorkie, Loki is his name
He’s such a joy my life will never be the same
So go on over to O’Hearon’s and give those pups a look
Bet you come home with one as cute as the one I took
Elizabeth Hebert


We love our Moyen Poodle from Tiffany! She had really worked with and prepped our puppy to be great with children and used to all the handling of grooming. I can easily clip nails, remove ear hair and groom my puppy myself or send her to a groomers without any anxiety from my puppy. I have four children and an active outdoor life and needed a dog that was curious and energetic enough to go on adventures with us but also calm, obedient and gentle at home. I never thought we'd own a poodle but we have loved the temperament, intelligence, and loyalty, not to mention one of the most highly allergenic coats out there (I am allergic to dogs but have had no problems with our poodle). She is easy to groom as well! We have loved this dog!! I have so many people as how I got such a wonderful, beautiful dog. I would highly recommend O'Hearon's Amazing Puppies.

Crystal Souter

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